Local Creations: The Murals of Cambridge

Scenes from "Potluck" The Area IV Community Mural"

"Crossroads" on the Pearl Street Garage

"The Tobin Time Machine"

Rowing Down Mass Ave

"Crosswinds" on the Middle East Cafe

The Potluck - Area IV Community Mural

You'll find this David Fichter mural next to the rear entrance of the Harvest Co-operative Supermarket between Mass Ave. and Bishop Allen Drive in Central Square.

Designed and painted by David Fichter

Assistants: Yetti Frankel, Janita Morales, David Andres.
Funded by the Area IV Neighborhood Coalition and Others
Student drawings by Juanita Morales, Lateaya Linton, Glenda Morales, Kerina White, Latoya Reddick, Luke Matthew, Eliza Fichter, Akim Nelson, Veronica Van Beusekom

A grand community meal stretches the length of the one-story brick wall from the Co-op entrance to the sidewalk and from the pavement to the roof.
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