CitySource Local Creations: The Murals of Cambridge

"Crosswinds" by Daniel Galvez

On the Brookline Street side of the The Middle East Cafe in Central Square.

Crosswinds by Daniel Galvez copyright 1992

Photos by Jeff Dunn
Special Thanks to Christi Farrow
Sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council and the Middle East Cafe

An eclectic collection of Central Square residents and passersby: an Indian girl with a jewel in her forehead, a saxophonist in a long flowing white robe, the grey haired roller skating "band major" wearing his perennial sign on his chest warning drivers to watch for children; a Boston Bruins fan leaning on his bicycle; a pale blond and an ebony skinned woman, both smiling and swaying; a crown of Middle Eastern motifs, a sacred calf, and family portraits.

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Mural copyright Daniel Galvez 1986. Local Creations pages, digitized photographs and text copyright CitySource Inc. 1995. All rights reserved.