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"Crossroads" Mural by Daniel Galvez

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The cinderblock wall of the Pearl Street Garage in Central Square

Mural by Daniel Galvez and Bonnie Bergman,
Susan Hardy Brown, Cheryl Jaffe
Elaine Senechal-Brown, Diane Poirier, Christian J. Ray, Jeff Pray, Dawn Lavelle

Special Contributions:
Dee Grossman, Jeff Dunn, Lavoie Poklop and the Central Square Library.

Cambridge Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Mass Council on the Arts

This mural spans the generations and the cultures of Central Square. On the left a middle-aged black singer holds a microphone. She belts out her song next to white haired cobbler standing behind his wooden counter.

The cobbler holds a strip of leather as if he is about to sew. Before him are a single track shoe and a black leather Mary Jane shoe with synthetic soles. Above the cobbler, row houses and a stone arch monument float in the clouds. On the far right an elderly couple sit on a bench smiling. And behind them--a view of Mass Ave from the early days of the motor car.

Between the elders from left to right are a trio of African American girls dancing, a young Asian girl sprawled on a floor reading a book, a young woman with long black hair smiling and turning toward the next image of blue-jeaned young men on a stone stoop.

Below the jeans, a smiling man in a turban holds out his hand in welcome. Between him and the elderly couple, school age children of many races and styles stand in a row. Floating above the Central Square Hardware circa 1920 and a church steeple, a man and woman in folk costumes lead a dance in a grassy field.

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