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The Tobin Time Machine
Our Past * Our Present * Our Future

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Lobby of the John Tobin School at 197 Vassal Lane, Cambridge

Painted and Designed By the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades
Directed by David Fichter
Assisted by Teachers and Parents

Design Students:
Derrick Trotman, Kristen MacCarthy, Yumer Lee
Annie Wilhelm, Xin Lee, Stanley Oiere Louis
Jai Ebonstarre, Ken Cleary, Micah Pierce
Siso Missra, Peter Crane, Marcos Santiago
Bobby Vascuez, Marley Michael,Marc Reardon
Rachel Irwin, Matt Dunphy, Karima Cooper
Lacreen Lewis, Jesemai Rivera, Johanna Rosario
Angela Landrigan, Donald Copeland, Garrett Allen
Michael Hobbs, Nora Sullivan, Thrya Heder
Jesse Levin, Luie DePascuale, Philip Steven
Thiago Olivera, Katina Scot, Vang Xiao
Natalie Desire, Shavonne Reddick, Silvie Snow-Thomas

Sponsored by the Tobin PTO and the Massachusetts Council

This mural symbolizes the past, present, and future of the Tobin School and is located in the lobby of the Tobin School.

On the right side of the wall along the down ramp is a painting of the old Russel School and students at their desks. This portion of the mural is painted in dark brownish reds, brown, and gray. This picture seems to melt into the present Tobin School which replaced the Russel. Tobin students are reading, writing, playing basketball, and counting blocks in bright modern colors.

That picture melts into what the kids at Tobin imagined to be the future of our school. This picture has kids in their modern space suits running the controls of a spaceship school.

There are also two and a half pillars that have other scenes on them. The top half of the first pillar you see as you walk in the front doors has children singing in music class. The next pillar you pass by as you walk up the main ramp has a child looking into the ocean and is seeing many exotic, colorful fish. The last painted pillar is located in the middle of the lobby. This pillar has painted portraits of students doing activities around the Tobin School.
-by Silvie Snow-Thomas

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